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5* hostel accommodation on the Hebridean Isle of Coll.


Getting to Coll

Although it’s remote, getting to Coll is not as hard as you might think, and the journey in itself offers the most spectacular views.

There are daily ferries during the summer months, operated by Calmac, and the journey takes just over 2 hours 30 minutes from Oban. With opportunities to spot wildlife and take in the spectacular scenery, it makes a great way to start your island adventure. Calmac have recently updated their website and have some excellent advice on travelling to Coll via Oban, here: Coll Destination Guide.   In the winter timetable the ferry serves Coll 5 days a week, so why not take advantage of Coll’s milder winter climate and enjoy a short break or long weekend on the beach?

For even more spectacular views, there are also regular flights with Hebridean Air from Oban to Coll airport and the trip lasts around 30 minutes.   These generally operate on a Monday and Wednesday.

A less common, but manageable option, is to fly from Glasgow to Tiree with Loganair where you can then travel onward to Coll with either Calmac or Hebridean Air.   Tiree has a Ring ‘n’ Ride bus service which can be pre-booked to take you from Tiree Airport to ferry terminal if required.

If you’re coming to Coll you will most likely be departing by ferry or plane from the Oban area. Trains from Edinburgh and Glasgow are operated by Scotrail, whilst Citylink provide a bus service throughout Scotland. There are spaces on the train to bring your bicycle, but make sure that you book a space for your bike in advance. You can also drive to Oban and leave your car in one of the free car parks if you want to save costs on the ferry crossing.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need some advice on getting to Coll or assistance planning your trip – our staff will be happy to help.

Getting around Coll

The Isle of Coll is easy to manage on bicycle or you can get off the beaten track on foot.

Island Tours are available with a local guide. Tours last two hours and visit the scenic beauty spots on Coll in a 4 x 4. For more information and booking, please call Juliet on 01879 230520 or Kip on 01879 230479.

Driving on Coll

Coll’s roads are all single-track. If you are not used to single-track roads, please read on.

Unmarked Emergency Vehicles – Coll has a number of emergency responders (Doctor, Fire & Rescue, etc.) who will be using their own vehicles when responding.   If a vehicle is flashing its lights at you, please make way as soon as you possibly can.   In general, if a vehicle is travelling faster than you it is considered courteous to make way for them at your earliest convenience, and it lets you continue enjoying your journey at a relaxed pace.

Pedestrians – be aware that Coll has no pavements so pedestrians will be walking on the road, and on the windier days they may not hear your vehicle coming.

Oncoming traffic – When you meet oncoming traffic you can pass them at a passing place.   If the passing place is on your left, pull in to it.   If it is on your right, stop on the road opposite the passing place and let the other vehicle pull in.   Be aware that if the vehicle is less manoeuvrable and/or towing, it may on occasion be more practical for you to pull in to the passing place regardless of whether it is on your right or your left.

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